Chase the Beast - My Top Picks

Sometimes I am a little excited when I post. Sometimes I might not care too much. But there are days when it is a pleasure to be a blogger. And this is one of them. Having all my creator work caught up for several days, I sampled a few of the hunts out there. I have two gorgeous items from the Chase the Beast hunt to show you and I am thrilled to report that the stores the items come from are just as interesting. Woot!

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This is one of three skins in a pack from Ruin (#26). It is the middle tone. I love the dark tone and will definitely be using it in some dramatic vendor posters soon, but dark skin is difficult to photograph and I really wanted you to see this glow. It is otherworldly without a doubt. Simply gorgeous. There is a fable behind the make up additions, so be sure and read the lengthy notecard explanation. The shop is a few giant steps away from normal too. I'll let you be surprised, but I loved the creativity behind the design. Be prepared to look a bit -- or maybe not. It took me a long while and in the end it was one of those "Oh, there it is!" prizes.

The glow of the skin is echoed in the warmly gorgeous textures in the book belt by n-creation (#39). Please click the photo for a larger version to see the details and textures in this well made accessory. The shop is also unusual and fun to explore. The prize object scroll was tricky to find here too, but take your time, remember the tricks I've taught you. Wander and look all over - CLOSELY. The hint didn't make much sense to me, but perhaps it will to you. There is a tee shirt included in the pack also, but I wanted you to see SKIN!.  Don't be surprised when the belt seems very large. The sizes are marked incorrectly, so gals, you want the one marked M.  They have a resize script for fitting ease. Note: please see comment from the creator for info on the sizing issue.

My favorite items may not be yours of course, so get out there and Chase the Beast. 

Style Notes:

Hair: *SHOP SEU*--kurukuru hair Long
Skin:  ][.Ruin.][ Cabal: Raven & the Sun ~*CBH exclusive*~ (clay) ;[ AYUMI ] Fishnet - Pasties
Eyes: Treasured Vision - ~TV~ Clubbing: Bloody Rust (old by possibly still available)
Belt: n-creation Fox Belt M (brown)

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    # by Anonymous - March 7, 2010 at 4:16 AM

    Hello Chic,

    Thank you for using our (n-creation) Hunt gift as one of your favorite picks :) We are always happy to hear that our items are enjoyed.
    I just wanted to comment on the size issue you mentioned. Not all avatars are the same size, which is of course why we add the resize script to all our items. The belt F is designed specifically for females who have wider hips, so they can wear our belts more comfortably lower on the hips. For ladies with smaller hips, as you so cleverly discovered, they can use the M belt so they don't have to resize the belt too much.

    Once again, thank you for the nice words about our Hunt gift.

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    # by Ruina Kessel - March 7, 2010 at 4:46 AM

    What a fantastic and wonderful surprise to log in and be directed to this blog post! Thank you so much for your kind words of my work - and it looks great on you!

    <3 Ruina
    ][ . House of Ruin . ][