It is easy to lose track of friends in Phil's Place. We get busy with projects, work, new friends and sometimes lose track of those that came before. So, I was very happy to hear from Divine this morning and even more please when she TPed me over to a newly discovered spot. I loved the place and will return soon to do more exploring and give you a full travel log.

I had heard that Vive9 was closing and that there were tons of unreleased items out for free. My "to do" list is very long these days, so I didn't journey over. I did spend a few moments reflecting on how stores come and go. I have lost a few of my favorites this year, to be gratefully replaced by new kids on the block.

Divine got in first thing this morning. She was unable to do so last nigh. Of the many, MANY, gifts that were available, these are some of her favorites. She has new skin and eyes, both at times problematic as she is a dark skinned gal. She was extremely happy with her new look.

Along with this body suit, she is wearing one of two sets of leggings she liked. According to Divine there were some nice tanks and jeans too, if you are in need. As with all big give aways, her chioces may not be your favorites or mine. Go. Enjoy the lag and the "fun" of trying to get in. Sending a thank you note might be nice too. That doesn't happen enough these days.

Her hair is an old one by Gurl6, boots also old by CS Fandango. Poses by LAP.