POSE FAIR 2010 - Preview

It's almost time for Pose Fair 2010 to open. This year's pose fair includes 99 pose, prop and animation shops with some old time pose makers and some new kids on the block. There are eight large shops, and many medium and smallish ones. With so much to choose from you will be assured to find what your are looking for -- maybe even things you never thought you needed *wink*.

Click these collage photos for GIANT pictures if you want to see the details. 
You may need to click your ENLARGE button to see the 1800 x 1800 photos full size.

I've already featured some of the props at the fair. I love props and there are some great new ones available for you. One of my favorites is this cell block from Glitterati.

I've been using LAP poses for over two years, and some of my favorites sits and stands come from Dove's workshop. There is plenty of newness at the LAP booth including poses for gals and guys. The girl poses have a little girl lost feel to them  and the guy poses are very guylike *wink* but as you see can work just as well for the ladies. Girl poses are very inexpensive, so check those out. I see a few I most likely won't be able to resist. There is also a new bed with poses for us single folks (yeah) with all of the proceeds going to Motivation.That pretty white bed might actually seat two (smile); I was alone at the time so don't quote me on its functionality. I does work WELL for singles though. That I will attest to.  UPDATE: from Dove's notecard of the afternoon: [there are] 15 single poses and 6 couple poses (some of the poses are animated too!). It's 16 prims, fully scripted and supports multiple avatars. 100% of proceeds will go to charity.

With plenty to see and try on, you will want to take your time and discover all the newness. There are THOUSANDS of individual poses as well as many couples poses.And yes, there are freebies and dollarbies too.

The pose fair opens April 2. This SLURL will work THEN, not now folks :D.  

My outfit is by Blue Blood, hair by Amacci, skin by Tuli, boots by BAX.
Some poses from my previously featured Amacci AO.