Omega Point

Omega Point has been on my list of must explore further sites for awhile now. I had a landmark in my photo op folder, but time? Not so much.Today it all came together. The outfit, the accessory and the moment. You arrive in Alpha Point where an extensive TP board tempts you with delights. This is actually a two sim complex, its vastness and details impressive.

click any photo for a high rez version

My outfit is from Blue Blood, one version of the new Aldana set. The set comes in a variety of colors of course. My favorites are black, white and purple. Being a good little blogger, I opted for the ocre hue this morning to match my surroundings.

My new Winged Staffs are from Yabusaka. They come in several metal colors including antique gold (top photo) and dark metal (photo at left). The giant crystal is color change by menu and includes hues as well as the black and clear versions shown here. Full bright is on-off. A scripted battle version is also available if you are a warrior type.

This is the tp board at the Alpha - Omega Point sims. With so much to see and do it will take me awhile longer to explore.

It is fairly quick to rez as many of the textures are the same. It is however laggy which ads to the difficulty for photo shoots.

Particles and animations abound and we pay for the breathtaking beauty with some camera control issues. So come with patience in your heart.

Aldan comes with a skirt, stocking and garters as well as most any layering option you could think of.

What I mostly wanted to show you, however, is the sculpty cuffs that I forgot to wear in the photos above. So CUTE! How could I have missed them! You can also wear the shirt without the jacket of course or jacket without the shirt. Lots of mix and match possibilities to work with your personal style.

Not only is the outfit hand drawn, the sculpties are all hand-made. So clapping can be heard from the gallery for a job well done.

Style notes:

Hair: *SHOP SEU* GIFT --kurukuru hair Long (tinted)
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 5/br) 10a
Outfit: BLUE BLOOD  Aldana OCRE (new release - review copy)
Shoes: [Decoy] Jully Boots - Onyx
Accessories: Yabusaka Winged Staff (new release - review copy); Maitreya Coin Belt - black; [Baubles] Oversized Hoop Earring old brass (prerelease)

Poses by PhotoGraphique (pre-release Pose Fair editions)


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    # by Chandra - March 25, 2010 at 3:05 PM

    AMAZING pictures as usually!
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