Midnight Treasure

I saw a few posts on a new Treasury lucky dip yesterday. Kouse's Sanctum wants you to raid the giant gold chest at their store. The posts that came to my attention were simply announcements, no pretty pictures. So, last afternoon with work done I took a jaunt over to the shop to see what I could see.

click any photo for a high rez vesion

It is pretty simple. Find the large gold chest and "sit" or "dip" or whatever the pie chart suggests you do. You can try once a minute (how nice) and you always get a prize. Some prizes are nice in themselves. My first try garnered a pretty necklace similar to the one I am wearing here but without feathers. Other prizes can be jewels or gold coins which you collect to make a set and then turn in for a prize or prizes of your choice.

One of the big prizes it the Gift Gown which I won on my third try. Lucky dips and I are not on the friendliest of terms ( I can't count all the cupcakes I have thrown away in the last year), so I was very pleased. I took a leisurely stroll around the very large store to see what might catch my eye.

As you probably know, gowns are not one of my normal types of attire. I do, however, enjoy role play costumes, dresses that speak of other times and places. There were many lovely items to choose from but I decided on this very pretty Boleyn Girl style in teal. It was available in many other lovely colors and came with a matching necklace -- a nice bonus. You could of course wear it without the long sleeves should you so desire.

You can only turn in one gown prize per month, but if you stay awhile and win another you can pass it along to a friend or save it. So try your luck -- it's fun and you might win a beautiful dress of your choice. Hard to beat that.

My hair is a new release from the Alli-Ali design team called Kate in dark brown. I am wearing the matching bangs which are optional. It is perfect for fantasy hair of long ago. It is free by the voting wall.

My skin is Eva 2 tone 5 by Tuli. Poses by LAP.

Photos taken in Winterfell not far from my place.