GOS: Prepare to Be Impressed

I am a fairly worldly gal in virtual land, but I was totally impressed by these new glasses from [Gos]  (main store SLURL). If you like tech and you like style, I am guessing you will be smiling too.

click any photo for a high rez version

Why are these special? My first hint came when I walked in the shop at the Accessories Fair and the demo glasses changed the monogram to match my initials. 

The shop is sleek and modern and there are lots of chances to PLAY.
One of the options for the glasses is a recoloring system. You can try out the demo in the store. So of COURSE I did. You wear the nicely detailed can, shake it and spray your glasses a new color. Much fun.

Recoloring paint cans are inexpensive so matching your glasses to your outfits is both practical and enjoyable.
The glasses come with a menu with a plethora of choices. I am sure I haven't discovered them all yet. You can even change the FONT of the monogram. Oh my!  I especially like the tinting options of the lenses. And see that pose stool?  It comes with the glasses and includes an optional meditation pose and /1a adjustments. 

There is an option for wearing the glasses on your head. This photo shows the black glasses recolored to tortoise shell.

The very best news is that the sunglasses retail at L$600, with color updates at only L$60 each, but for the duration of the accessory fair you can purchase at a bargain price of L$295 from the GOS booth.

These lovely glasses were a review copy. The fun at the store? Absolutely free to all. Enjoy!

These would look great on guys too of course.

See style notes at this post.