Content Creators

This started out to be a post about my new garden in Winterfell, and indeed it is. It is also about content creation. As I looked out at all the wonderful items I have collected I couldn't help but reflect on all the talent that is with SL. Whether our creators are stay at home moms, retired executives, college students -- it doesn't matter. They each give their time and effort to making Phil's Place special. We have so much to choose from, we can make our world truly our own.

You probably recognize my Spring dress as the ICON hunt prize from Zarra. I have always admired Zarra's style be it in clothing, jewelry or sim design. Along with her excellent technique there is a glorious freedom in her choice of hues, reminding us that exploration is part of life and constraint is most often self-defined.

Along with the obvious content creators who make our clothes and hair, skin and jewelry, houses and plants -- let's not forget the pose makers and animators. The Pose Fair starts in a few days with 99 shops to explore. I was very happy to be chosen as an official blogger from a huge group of interested folks. You know I would have blogged it ANYWAY but it is nice to be official. And to the guys and gals that weren't included, you can still write about the fair -- that IS what blogging is about.  Do your thing and have fun.

The poses above feature old timers as well as one "could have been" pose maker. Of the 99 shops on the Pose Fair 2010 list, there are many that I don't recognize, so seeing all the new creations will be especially fun.

The top pose is from Torrid Midnight, one of our oldest pose makers now retired. I was happy to see when I looked at her profile this morning that she now has poses at ETD. I can't TP there this morning to give you the landmark, but you are smart folks and I know you can find it if you want to.

The second pose is from Mela's who used to have camping for poses :D. The last pose is from Tiny Bird's Autumn Hykova. She doesn't sell poses; this pose was made on a dare for a Poop Hunt, but it is a job well done with plenty of emotion worked into the lines. Here is to all the old, current, could have been and might yet be pose makers who help give our pictures authenticity.

Style notes:

Hair: TRUTH; Melinda - carrot
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 5/br) 10a
Clothing: Zarra ZC : 6 Mrinali free
Shoes: sf design caroline sandals (NLA)