POSE FAIR 2010 - 1

This is my first official Pose Fair 2010 post. Yeah! The fair will be open in a few days. People are still moving in, but already there is a lot to see -- some extremely clever new props with poses and a surprise or too. I chose this vintage pose from Long Awkward Pose [LAP] as my lead this evening for two reasons. I wanted to show you the great back detail of the new Blue Blood set I featured earlier today? Yes, that was one. But more importantly, because it is distinctive.

We forget sometimes how truly boring our blog posts would be without the talents of our pose makers. Old timers and new comers, they give us the tools to make our features shine. There are over fifty official Pose Fair 2010 bloggers and of course many more that are not "official", so you will be seeing a lot of poses featured on the feeds this next week or so. That's a good thing. It is a time to reflect on all content creators -- including those that twist and turn our avatars into emotion filled stances.

The pose fair opens April 2. This SLURL will work THEN, not now folks :D. 

Poise is releasing TEN new couples poses at the Fair with 25% of all proceeds will be donated to Motivation.org.uk.There is also a giant teddy bear and a couple's balloon seat; both being donation items. This top pose ball set is called Forever Yours and is an excellent pose for a couple's portrait.

This ground pose is named Embrace. Definitely romantic!  You can find the Poise booth HERE at the fair. Don't overlook the  box containing 8 modeling poses (4 Male and 4 Female) exclusive to the Pose Fair. Oh I forgot -- 8 FREE modeling poses :D.

Behavior Body @ Pose Fair 2010 is releasing three new AOs. The Classic style AO will be the donation item at the Fair. Since this release has already be featured on several other blogs, I am going to point you to Nadja's blog as she did a super job explaining the details. From my information notecard and other websites, it appears that these are already available at the main shop and will also be at the fair. Chic crossing fingers that this is correct intel.

The fair will most likely be laggy with a capital "L". While efforts are being made to keep scripts at a minimum, all those props and pose stand vendors run on scripts. With that in mind I have a little bit of personal advice. Feel free to take it or let it fly over your head. *wink*.

First of all (and you knew this was coming) leave your scripts at home. You don't need your AO attached at the fair. You'll be too busy trying on all the new poses and animations to strut your stuff with OLD models. Leave as many of your prims in your inventory as possible. You don't need to come naked -- in fact you shouldn't *wink*, but SIMPLE is good.

Most of you know already that all poses (AOs - props - couples sets etc.) do not work for all avatars. You really DO need to try the poses on. If you are an average sized, medium shaped guy or gal you have a better chance of the positions fitting than if you are very tall, very thin, very not-so-thin -- you get the idea. Pose makers most often do their best to make the designs work, but there will be times when a pose you love really wont fit you.  There is nothing classy about having your hand deep within your thigh. So take your time. Do a bit of the fair one day, a bit another and find things that really work for YOU!

Style notes:

Hair: TRUTH Melinda - copper
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 5/br) 02a
Outfit: +++BB+++ Valeria WG WHITE  - Black with teal (review copies)
Shoes: BAX Prestige Boots BlackLeather
Accessories: Baubles Oversized Hoop earrings (silver) (releases Saturday as a BHP special

For more info on the new Valeria release from Blue Blood, see the feature HERE. It looks SO different with the contrast of colors. I am happy to be able to show you both.