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Some new releases, some hunt gift, but most importantly, I want to tell you about a new AO from BehaviorBody *wink*. I use a lot of poses from BehaviorBody; some work very well for me and some do not. Just like skins, poses are one of our most intimate accessories; they fit us -- our shape, our mood, our demeanor -- or they simply don't.  I am personally very impressed with the new BehaviorBody-MODEL XXX AO V1 release. Not only does it fit me (YEAH!) it is exceedingly natural. Here's the story.

While I am happy to gaze at folks with complexly animated AOs, they are not for me. I mean, in the real world who on earth MOVES that much? LOL.   Simpler is better in my book and I tend to stick to AOs that are basically poses linked together. That works for me. But, in the spirit of a good blogger, I of course made the effort to try out this new AO *wink*.

After attaching the AO, I tped over to my shop in Winterfell; I had been remiss on checking its status. Not long after I arrived a brand new (BRAND NEW) avatar arrived outside my shop. He was having trouble walking and so I checked his profile. Ah ha. ONE day old. We chatted for a bit and I gave him some basic info and eventually showed him a long time newbie area where he could feel more at home.

Is there a purpose to my story? Yes there is. Well of COURSE there is! As we were chatting on the sidewalks of Winterfell I noticed how natural I looked. I wasn't dancing around in circles; I wasn't checking my shoe sole; I was making small subtle movements like I would make in our corporeal world. As I watched our interaction I became entranced with the authenticity of the movements. And that is what I wanted to share with you!

Click on any small photo for a high rez version.

Now there is no easy way for me to show you an AO. Still, I have tried. This collage show some of the many natural moves that are included. Click the photo for a larger and clearer view. Blogger, in is infinite wisdom compresses the picture greatly :D.

The AO comes with a choice of nine walks including ones that have hands above the waist (perfect for Victorian skirts and other RP garments) as well as 9 stands and 2 sits. I particularly like the landing pose. There are apparently complex jump, fly and swim animations. I will have to check those out very soon. Autoupdate is included for life.

My outfit is a mix of some new releases as well as some hunt prizes from there "Where is the Hunt" hunt. I love this skin, one of many available on the 40 some odd stops along the hunt trail. This one fit me perfectly, looked much like I expect myself to look and was a "specialty" skin which I love. While not shown I want to add many claps for the great animations (dances and such) from AKEYO. So fun!  This is a good hunt with lots of nice gifts. Your favorites may of course be different than mine. My only negative remark is that many of the shops renamed their folder (and sometimes even the landmark to the next shop to something like "next shop" (??????)). It made keeping track of where you were quite difficult. Only one shop had placed their donut in a really sneaky place. Most were out in the open. 

New releases include some fun bangles and new boots. See the style notes for LMs.

PS. If you are a careful viewer you will note that my pant legs do not match. I actually did that on purpose so that you could see there are two options of pants legs. The boots look great either way. And you know? I rather like that mismatched look :D.


Style Notes: 

Hair: Amacci Hair Paula ~ Amber Tipped Black
Skin: [:Where is...HunT:] al vulo-elena huntress sunkissed (hunt); >>> moloko <<<  V- day Love Lyrics Tattoo
Clothing: *X*plosion StreetStyle (hunt); Poison Woodstock jeans_normal (hunt)
Shoes: Baby Monkey BM Amy Boot V2 left Red (new release)
Accessories:  *JD* BRACELET INKA red (new release)

Poses by: BehaviorBody-MODEL XXX AO V1

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    Ty for blogging my bracelets:) looks great <3