IT'S ALL GONE!!!!!!! 2,500 House and Garden Folder

SORRY this got republished out of order; leftover issues from the Blogger meltdown a few days back. 

Yes, I am really depressed. I know that they were redoing the database today, but this evening I logged in to find that I was missing my WHOLE House and Garden folder. This is EVERYTHING, houses, furnishes, plants. I have cleared cache and there are indeed 2.500 plus items that are no longer mine. I will put in a ticket but I know from experience how that goes. So everything not rezzed -- and that is a WHOLE lot, is now gone.

I am definitely shaking my fists at the database guys. So many beautiful things that I will never see again.

Starting over is NOT fun. I had a new apartment to move into but now there is really no point as I have nothing to furnish it with.

Update: Well apparently there is no longer a place that we can actually send in a support request as when I go to the support page (not a premium account) I get a very short list of topics that they will reply on. Missing inventory is NOT on the list. Oh well.

It doesn't appear to be a cache issue (I didn't think it was) as I installed Phoenix which I have never used and the same 24,060 items appeared when the database loaded. Happily I did find a very few of my favorites in my backup folder. You can't keep copies of everything, but it will be good to have a few things in my new collection. 

It is amazing how attached we can become to mere pixels. I think it is more about the creativity and the effort that went into the making than the things themselves. It will take a bit of time to regroup I think.

I am sad.

The next day update :

Thanks for all the notes and comments. I did try everything suggested (beta grid, beta viewer, logging in on a different machine that I had never used before etc.) but inventory is the same. Trying to move forward. I do have one favorite thing that I believe has a redelivery system and I found a few other items mixed in here and there. Every one is now a thrill to discover :D. There are lessons there. I will work on embracing the new.

AND even later :D:

While my 2,500 items have not returned about 100 or so boxes reappeared in my BACKUPS folder including some favorite houses and furniture. So that is something. Sorting and redoing my newly skinny inventory. Break is due. Thanks everyone.

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    # by ken001 scribe - May 12, 2011 at 12:24 AM

    Hi Chic, /hugs. I just have to agree - Inventory storage in SL is so traumatizing. I must have lost about 7,500 boxes and folders in the last 2 years. As a free account they were 'gone forever'. Like you, I have learned tricks to help get some things back - but I agree, they don't always work. If there ever was an area of SL that needs to be fixed, its inventory.

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    # by Anonymous - May 12, 2011 at 3:56 AM

    Clear cache then download and log into the SL beta viewer--they keep your inventory on a parallel grid and if you do this before they update your inventory, you'll find everything there. Go to a quiet sim and make sure your inventory loads fully, then when you go back to the main grid, things should be restored. Good luck!

    Mellyn Llewellyn

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    # by Marikit Cisse - May 12, 2011 at 5:09 AM

    Oh my! I'd hate that if that would happen to me. Hope you get your stuff back.

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    # by LisaMun Aronowicz - May 12, 2011 at 8:04 AM

    So sorry to hear that--it happened to me a few times too (mine is just a free basic account) and it was a lousy feeling.*hugsss*

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    # by Coven Mystic - May 13, 2011 at 3:42 PM

    Whooo That would suck! and there is no way in SL to back it up onto a some other device,...I've noticed when my viewer gave me weird problems I could solve them by deleting the item and re-rezzing the object. That is if you bought you objects and they are still in you object folder. If you created them yourself well don't know never did that,...but with that sort of file format you could have external backups. Hope you can figure it out sounds like a ton of work that would be very frustrating to lose.