The Skin and Shape Expo is open. Ten days to shop and give to charity at the same time. It also means a plethora of "see me in skin A, B, C" posts on the feeds. My plan for this blog is to keep it simple. A pretty picture that let's you see the skin clearly, a little info and a link to the booth at the Expo.

And for those of you that aren't in new skin mode, I hope to be able to add some new accessories into the mix. Even a blouse may be featured!

This is Dany in Sunkissed from Adam n Eve. Dany is just one of the four new skins out from Adam n Eve. You can pick up demos on the marketplace. Look for the other ladies too. Their names are Sakura, Lyndsey and Tanisha.

Dany comes with a huge (and I really do mean huge) selection of tattoo layers. Pubic hair, eyebrows, eye shadows, lipstick, hairbase and freckles are all included. Manicures and pedicures come as both tattoos and clothing layers. Those of you with a viewer that lets you stack tattoos will be in heaven! Two cleavage types are included. This is the "boyish" look *wink*.

Dany has a built in smile and some very nicely shaped eyebrows. The nose fits me perfectly (oh my). So check out the demos of Dany and her sisters. One may be perfect for you.

My new necklace is from MB Style - "Tears of the gods" is a classic mix of black and natural pearls, perfect for both modern and retro dancing into the night.

Style Notes: 

Hair: !!Calico Ingmann Creations!! Tracy
Skin: Adam n Eve Skins - Dany Sunkissed - Bare; Adam n Eve Eyebrow Tattoo Dany Sunkissed Brown (new release)
Clothing: *HolliPocket*Cutesy Wutesy Top (FA hunt)

Accessories: MB Style - "Tears of the gods" (new release)

Pose by: Amacci