Retro Remix

I took an unexpected turn this evening and got lost somewhere between 1900 and today. My high contrast, low saturation photo follows the mood of the adventure. New release items include prim hands from JeSyLiLO and a pre depression era fox stole from Eclectica, home of exceptionally creative jewelry and accessories.

Back when rich ladies were VERY rich, the stock market hadn't crashed and spending on borrowed money was the rule, there was the little fox fur stole -- always biting its tale as it adorned the neck of well-to-do matrons. I was a bit timid about wearing this beauty, but the notecard included assures buyers that no foxes or furries were harmed in any way in the making. And it was fun to see something in our virtual world that I remembered in my grandmother's trunk of memorabilia. The details are wonderful as you might imagine and the fit seems very workable for most avatars; I didn't adjust at all. Five fur tails drape the back. The stoles are available in a variety of natural fox fur tones.

The hands are impressive and while not something most of use would wear everyday, they make lovely photos -- a definite "must have" for jewelry designers. The hands have a resize menu (click on the hands as you would a pair of shoes) as well as a color change HUD.  There is a caveat -- at least for the moment. My copy came with no instructions. Now I know that most folks don't actually READ instructions, but here's the rub.

One of the choices in the hud is changing the shape of the fingers in the hand (VERY NICE). This only works, however if you have purchased the fatpack of hand styles. If you try, as I did, to change the hands when you don't have them in your inventory, the original hands disappear. Try as I might I could not get them back and I had to unpack the original box again. This is not a big deal really and the designer assured me she will work on a notecard soon :D. But, if you rush over to see these and buy a single style, be sure and keep your back up copies

Put the hands and the stole together, add a recently released dress from Kazuo and you have a lovely picture.

My photo was taken inside the two day old arboretum at New Toulouse Jardin, patterned after the New Orleans Garden District at the turn of the century.

Style Notes: 

Hair: ::M B:: opening free gift
Skin: [:T:] Zoe / sunkissed :: 06 Brass; *JeSyLiLO*::Real Hand Naturals::*Pose 10 LEFT
Clothing: Kazuo - Tier Dress (Brown

Accessories: Eclectica Feral Foxfur-chocolate-more; *Ticky Tacky* Umoja Bangles - Botswana

Pose by: LAP

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    # by Dolly - May 6, 2011 at 5:05 AM

    Ohh.. I've recently fallen in love with prim hands and feet! You're awesome as always and thanks for the tips to those stores!

    Dolly Baroque