My marketing instructor would be proud. Kicking and screaming (well not really), I now have a 2ndhub AND a Facebook character account. I guess I could type all day if the spirit moved me.  I prefer the clean look of the 2ndhub page, but I give FACEBOOK bonus points for the photo interface and album set up. I will agree with other bloggers that 2ndhub does appear to have just about anything you might need including ways to link to your businesses and even make groups. Since I only get about half of the group messages sent out these days, another method might work better. It does get tiresome checking the notice archives daily.

I was waiting to link up my 52 color post, but alas no neon orange post appeared at Luna's. Patience will be called for, but eventually we will know what color awaits us for month's end.

/me yawns as she closes the computer and wanders off to dreamland.