Get There Now

With two tones for the guys and three for the gals, each fatpacks with tons of choices, these are the nicest free skins I have seen for awhile. Of course, there is the "fitting" factor, but if you have a group slot available, give them a try. The male versions come with hair bases, chest hair, tattoos and two facial hair choices. The ladies styles include a variety of makeups, cleavage and hairbases. The place?

Yasim Design!

Note: this is a completely unretouched photo -- *wink*. Just added the frame.

There is a free shape available for gals that is mod should you need a starting place.

Style Notes: 

Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations Tracy Pecan
Skin: Ramya*DOLL* Sepia /SMOKED
Clothing: TrendStyle - OMG, so sexy *white* (new release)

Poses by:Juxtapose and LAP

Wonder's clothes by INDI Designs, hair by Amacci