Looking Back, Looking Forwards

This is post 1999. The photo -- and it's a grand one -- for post 2000 is in the can and will follow my brief prose here. I was amazed when I hit the magic 500 post mark, astounded when I managed to make it to 1000 posts -- and honestly never dreamed that I would get to the 2000 bits of frozen SL time marker.

So the question is -- why? Why do I blog? Why do I so love taking photos? Why am I still here when most of my contemporaries have vanished the scene?

I always thought I would love a job in marketing. That was not my RL role, it centered around art and teaching, but somewhere I wanted to be in Manhattan thinking up great strategies for new campaigns. In our bridge between our virtual world and corporeal ones I actually shy away from posts that look too much like ads. You won't see any "this comes in twelve colors and here they are" post at Chic's. But still, in some sense Chic is a marketer, trying to highlight what "we" believe are the most creative and well made items that come her way.

Photography is indeed my love. I have given it up in that other real world in favor of exploration and digital snapshots in Second Life. I love finding new spots; I mourn when my favorites "leave the planet". All in all it is a good life Chic has. She has worked hard along with her typist, made here mark now and then -- as well as a few friends along the way.

She is a happy gal, and at this point I see no reason why she won't make it to post 3,000 some day.

So all of you new kids on the block, keep on working, honing your skills. Do what you enjoy and see how far it can take you.