Lazy Days and Ponderings

I seem to still be stuck in accessories mode with lots of fun additions to outfits but no actual clothing *wink*. Now eventually something appropriate will come in or I will opt for a collage or a look of the day post with oldies but goodies. Meanwhile, I am in pondering mode. (Be sure and note my wonderfully casual and messy hair from (RED)MINT and my rustically stylish I-am-so-glad-I-had-a-backup tub from Cheeky Pea.)

Those lazy days of summer are about to begin, time when many designers take off for some rest and relaxation. Northern hemisphere kids are out of school, real life vacations are planned and the virtual world moves at a slower pace. This has been the norm of the last three years anyway, so I expect the pattern to repeat. Happily I am in a couple of large designer - blogger liaison groups as well as being on many private designer lists. That makes me a happy gal. I am also grateful to have my new job at PURE Magazine where I hope to prove myself and do well. And when there is not too much to do, I am very content reclining in my tub to watch the swamp waters meander past my windows.

A few other thoughts of the morn:

I haven't been over to 2ndhub yet today, but I have noted that friendship requests notices come into the Second Life viewer. This could be either great or annoying depending on your temperament. Likely there is a way to adjust this in the settings. My late night explorations were both hurried and sketchy.

I received a notecard this morning and I am going to paste it in here. It is puzzling to me and I am not going to comment on it except to say that while I can see the advantage to the person sending the note, I am not really sure why bloggers would want to participate as it seems like you are merely a conduit for their ads.   I am guessing a bunch of you received similar notes. Thoughts? Maybe I am missing the point.

Dear Blogger,
You are invited to join our Blogging Chain!

Please read this notecard for more information our company:

(notecard on why you would want to hire their company and logo)

You are now added to our list of weekly bloggers.
What you get:
1 High Quality image of only the best new releases in Second Life to post on your blog + a pre-made description.

All you need to do is post the picture from the following link + the description below it in your blog:

Once you have done so, please send a NOTECARD containing the link to your posting to Katharini McBride so that she can add you to our Exclusive Blogging Group. Our aim is to have more than 200 bloggers, but only "quality" bloggers!

All bloggers in our group have the opportunity to become a "STAR BLOGGER", which means you will be getting paid for every blog-post that you make through us.
Only a select few of the top bloggers will have this position, and it will rotate once a month.

Please send a NOTECARD to Katharini Mcbride for ANY inquiries.

Thank you for your interest in [HT] Marketing!

Houms Thor
[HT] Marketing CEO

Katharini Mcbride
[HT] Marketing Director

HTTP://www.HTMA.CA  ( under development )

And with a "top of the morning" salute, the typist is heading off to her own tub.

Style Notes: 

Hair: (r)M ~ Hair No.08 (F) ~ Brown Amber
Skin: [:T:] Zoe / sunkissed :: 02 Purity

Poses by:Cheeky Pea Charolette Tub

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    # by Laura18 Streeter - May 21, 2011 at 12:11 PM

    Cute! I guess it's the weekend hence tub time!!
    Thanks for the friend on 2ndHub.. we'll see where that goes :)
    I haven't figuret out how to turn off the notices, but then I can't seem to get a profile pic yet either.. (blonde)