That Was The Week That Was

From an announcement at New Toulouse:

For the first time in 40 years, the US Army Corps of Engineers opened a floodgate yesterday on the Mississippi River to save cities further down the river, including New Orleans, from the flooding. Instead, the Bayous of Louisiana will make the sacrifice as flood waters flow through them.

Today's program on RR's Main and NT is the music of rain, storms & floods. There will be rain in NT this morning and the waters will rise in Algiers & Bayou for today only to show love/prayers to RL Cajun Country.
The rains and lightening have stopped. The waters have not begun to recede. There are sandbags in front of my door. A gentleman from New Babbage brought a barge over to help the residents of two flood ridden parishes.

This has been the most complex, stressful and exciting week of my virtual life -- at least in recent memory. It began with a possibility of helping to open a school, only to find that there are actually plenty of schools for the populous and most scantily attended.

Then came post 2000 and the gathering of clan. Three RFL venues opened and were covered by this blog. Contest photos were taken, new releases featured, and the great asset server calamity which left me 2,500 items lighter in the house and garden area.

Thankfully, life as it often does presented balance. Some of my backup boxes returned and a few favorite items were found mixed among other things in coalesced objects. Friends and acquaintances offered support and even replacement item.  I was called for an interview which turn into two and I am now typing to you as a staff photographer of PURE magazine.

And last eve, just as I was heading back to the corporeal world, I checked the map to find a lot available in New Toulouse Bayou. I scrambled over lickety split, assessed the lay of the land and purchased. At least two other potential buyers -- both with Toulouse tags -- showed up not long after my ownership finalized. You definitely have to be fast in the Bayou. Happily I had found enough furnishings to do my newly made home justice. I replaced a few items in the wee morning hours and once the floods recede I will finish my work.

And for anyone who has read this far and may be looking for a shop area for a Victorian, Mideval or Steampunk business, I am selling my 512 double prim (234) lot in Winterfell Anodyne. I am sure I will be back as I love it there, but for awhile I am going to be a delta gal.  The parcel is bordered by Anodyne Canal on one side and Anodyne Park on the other and is across from the new and very impressive Winterfell Community Center where meetings and events are held. The building, one of my best selling designs, and some plants are included with lease rights. Be sure and read the covenant before purchasing. The tier box is in the foreground by the mushrooms.

Style Notes: 

Hair: (r)M ~ Hair No.08 (F) ~ Brown Amber
Skin: [:T:] Zoe / tan :: 06 Brass
Clothing: hO wEAr Voodoo dress

Poses by:Amacci