Rainy Days

Cupcake, while still under construction, is now open. Vendors are busy setting up and a few shops are empty (but rented). There are several shopping areas so far within the sim as well as empty space for what looks to be a continuation of the theme. Each section has its own character. I liked this slightly grungy area the best.  There are wonderful places to explore and photo ops abound. New stores and old favorites combine in a shopping bonanza.

The textures, especially on the "Rue" are superb. Street levels dip and climb. Realistic water features abound. Tiny shops hide along narrow paths. There are large fancy stores too of course as well as empty buildings added for atmosphere. The facades are used very well and unless you are peaking behind walls (some of us are a curious bunch) you feel you are very much in a small European town.

My rainy day outfit is a mix of old and new and somewhere in between. My new rain boots come from the Oh My Stars hunt. Honestly I spent a lot of time hunting there yesterday and didn't find that much. Some stores have signs out letting you know they are participating which helps. Still, it seems like the numbers of stores involved is low. So thanks to Duh! for not only making the raindrop HUGE (hint: look up -- really up) but for having these cute boots out for free. Happily they matched some leggings from Shanias Sock Shop. My hoodie is a new release from DCNY. (See previous post for all the news on that.)

Style Notes: 

Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations - Tracy Pecan
Skin: [:T:] Zoe / sunkissed :: 06 Brass
Clothing: *(3*S)* Rippleds desert dream; KK's Waist tied shirt Beige Plaid; DCNY_Terry Hoodie Set_Wheat Jacket (new release); DCNY_Soft Scoop Tank_Taupe
Shoes: ::Duh!:: Flowers Rainboot (free)
Accessories: WishyWashyBrella -dirty laundry

Poses by:Olive Juice and Helamiyo