Creativity - Or No

Yes, tis me sitting in my new outhouse. This is not a post about outdoor plumbing although it was fun making my little piece of history. This is a mini-rant with minimal fist waving and maximum sighing. I just hate to post text without some sort of photo and this one seemed appropriate :D.

I scan the feeds most days -- to keep abreast, to see what might be in a box that I haven't had time to open, to be aware when the whole blog-o-sphere already knows about "Dress A, Hair B, Shoes C" etc. There are some glorious photos on blogs these days; there is some great styling. Note that one skill doesn't necessarily lead to another and that's OK with me. I will take either. These gals and guys are working at their craft. They are in a small way "media" :D. We, as bloggers, are part of the giant wheel that is virtual fashion.

Lately I have noted a not too new trend becoming more pronounced. Some blogs are simply posting vendor photos on their site. This has little to do with the Blogger Chain invites of the last few days; this started before that. Since the outcry about simply posting someone else's photos seemed pretty loud -- at least in some circles -- I would surmise that I am not the only one sighing when they see yet again a vendor photo.

Now I have nothing against vendor photos; some of them are lovely. I really do want to see what the designers are coming up with and what is available -- I just want to hear about it from the DESIGNERS.

There are plenty of skill levels out there on the feeds. New folks may lack experience or even a hefty enough computer to see our world as it can be. Most of them, however, are trying! They put together their outfits, they take their pictures, they post with SLURLs and sometimes prose about the outfits they are showing. They are having fun, I hope. They are being creative.

In my perfect world, we would all love doing what we are doing enough to put forth a little effort.

And that's what I am thinking.

Style Notes are HERE.

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    # by Ohna - May 23, 2011 at 4:47 PM

    I noticed this too, and it really bothers me. I don't really see the point? It's one thing to take photos of vendors for an event, when you are blogging about the event. I think that's alright.

    I just miss the point entirely, especially if the designer has their own blog.

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    # by Annie - May 23, 2011 at 7:12 PM

    Who knows? To each blogger their own, I guess. Love your photo :-)