Making Things Work

Still over at this Sunday's party central (see previous post) I wanted to comment on a couple of new items. First we have the new Fae shoes from Pixel Mode@Shoe Fair which have been getting a lot of press (both good and bad) the last couple of days. I love them. The fit me perfectly. That being said, honestly? I used them right out of the box with no adjustments. I looked at the HUD (the bad press part), thought it different and pretty and didn't worry about it any longer.

I am not someone that has to have the RGB color perfect. As long as it looks natural enough in a photo, I am a happy gal. But I wondered just how hard that HUD could be. So this morning I put on my most difficult skin to match -- a lovely number called Tanisha from Adam and Eve skins. I did a test and with no instructions at all (yes, I actually WOULD have read an included notecard as I am still wondering about some of the choices I haven't seen before like "daylight" ) it took me less than two minutes to get a close enough for me match of this skin. I could have played a bit longer and been even more precise, but we all know that Windlight changes our best efforts anyway.

My great (and free for a little while) hair from Bishwear was a bit problematic for fitting (please insert, "for me" here). The bottom tresses kept falling into my boobs -- MY, almost not there boobs :D!!!!   But, with a little tinkering, I rotated the falling locks away from my body and now I have a breathtakingly eye catching number that goes beautifully with this dark skin.

The moral here -- and it isn't a new one -- is that we are all different. Different shapes, different skill levels, different needs for preciseness. Try demos when you can; make your own choices; expect that not everything will work for everyone. After all, those "real life" rules are good ones.

And yes (sigh), this is one of those shots I would have loved to had shadows!

Style Notes: 

Hair: Windy
Skin: Adam n Eve Skins - Tanisha Dark Special - Natural
Clothing: SLC Kim black
Shoes: [PM] Fae Wedge -white

Poses by: (NLA)