She Was In Fact Quite Mad

Anna's Many Murders is the lastest sim sized installation by Bryn Oh. I spent a good while there last  weekend and returned this eve for some fashion shots (must be legal for the feeds). For me, this is the most interesting example of Bryn's work. It is a bit like falling down the rabbit hole and indeed I took a wrong turn on my first visit and had to take a leap of faith off of a cliff to get back to the story line (literally).

I won't spoil the plot for those you you that haven't visited. It is indeed a tale. Art meets Lizzie Borden. It is wonderfully executed with layers upon layers of meaning and details that you can easily miss the first time through the maze.

Anna is mad you see. Of that there is no doubt. But in her madness beauty hides, escape from the real world that has let her down so many times.

My fashion fest for the eve is part of the new release from Blue Blood, Delicia with oriental detailing and optional short skirts.

Style Notes: 

Hair:  [Shag] - Sylph - kitten
Clothing: +++BB+++ Delicia BLACK; **Firefall** Scarlett Fishnet Panty

Accessories: Schoen [Black] Satin Blindfold

Poses by: ESSENTIAL SOUL and Pulling Strings