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On the Road - Novus


I have been a long time fan of Steampunk -- for years. I lived in a steamy community a time or two and enjoyed it immensely. So when Chandra sent over a snapshot of a gown she was  working on -- I was excited.  The textures are beyond luscious.

Being a gal of my word I ventured forth to a NEW Steampunk area, Novus.  The colors are certainly steamy there *wink* but Victorian merges with tankers and trucks and I personally found that a little disconcerting.  Still I got some photos and I DID stretch my wings. So points for me.

This Duchess C. Influx attire from deviousMind is available at We♥Roleplay!  You can find it HERE .    (I always get lost over there.) The dress is materials enabled but I am a lazy gal and waiting for Firestorm to get the new viewer OUT of beta (there are some issues). So as you can see, it looks *damn* good without them - LOL.

My footwear is ultimately appropriate and newish (I was waiting for suitable attire).

These Victoria boots from CARGO come in several colors (black, blue, brown and used black). They are rigged mesh and come in standard sizes plus deformer. I am wearing a small which is my normal size. Nicely textured and detailed, they are also "server friendly" so you won't be losing your shoes when you teleport - LOL.

Always a good thing.

Metal colors can be changed via hud.

You can pick up the demo here.

Poses by: Diesel Works


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