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Tonal Values

This is yet another post for The Rockabilly Fashion Fair, now open.  I had to smile tonight as I unpacked more goodness up on my building pad. It is -- well "cluttered" would be a correct term -- but in a good way. With so very many (and I DO mean that) packages to unpack, it will take me awhile to make my way through things.

While there is plenty of goodness to be found at the fair, I am mightily impressed with the skins. Honestly, this is almost better than skin fair *wink* with a slew of folks that I haven't heard of before. Whether they are new or I have just been out of touch, I know not. Either way, it is a good sign that choices abound these days.

This is Mystic Canvases [MC] Rocky Skin High A-Cup Nude. Now this is not a new store, but I can't remember trying on a skin before. Of the four skins in the blogger pack, I picked this one as it is the most "me". I love palish lips and smokey eyes. I am also partial to desaturated skin tones. So for me, this is a winner and I will be adding a big "SAVE" notation on the folder. There are Lola's Tango appliers available.

My outfit of the eve is from {Indyra}, the Raucous Top and bonus leggings. Comfy and well fitting, they keep with the low saturated theme of my evening's photos.  The guitar is from TRFF and from [geek].

I am in the Kuro In The Woods house again, part of The Challenge for creators. The bedroom set is from bauwerk at 22769.

Poses by: Vista Animations


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