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OMG it's Op Ed Sunday again and this has nothing to do with the August TOS !  I am not sure if I have given up or moved on or simply no longer have the energy to "go there" any longer. I do know that I am still not uploading (three months and counting).

MEANWHILE -- let's talk hunts.

I have been over at the unnamed grid for the last two months, stretching my abilities making all sorts of things I never dreamed about simply because I WANT THEM and they are not available. LOL. That necessity thing. I have made clothes and shoes and animation idles and even some pretty cool trees, all while waiting to see if I can feel comfortable building here again (OK I lied there is that TOS thing).

But after two months of 60 hour weeks I have made lots of content for that grid and am considered a bit of a wonder woman (small grid; it is easy to impress). And while I have been in SL daily to blog and take care of MOSP and even be on a TV show, I haven't been doing all that much. Now that I have made  a lot (A LOT) of content for that other grid (my primary goal there) I am ready to return in part to SL.

What to do? What to do?

MOSP is in good shape with some nice new builds courtesy of some of SL finest. Prims are getting close to the counting point so starting any large installations with content by other folks is kinda out of the picture.

Well, I could HUNT! I love to hunt.

And here is the theme of this post.   Now and then there are still "good hunts" on the grid, ones even us oldsters with voluptuous inventories want to partake in. They do seem to be getting further and further apart these days. I went through the current hunts, looked at the prize photos and ---- well this is a friendly blog so I won't go any further. Let's say I wasn't going to expend any energy.

I do believe it is a great thing to let all the new designers partake in the 'having a little shop' experience. I was there once. I still have 'a little shop', it just does pretty well after all these years and a hundred items on the Marketplace. I get it. I really do. And maybe for the new folk the thrill is still there. But for me? I want to be able to show you guys some great stuff. It is few and far between these days.

We can blame it on templates and yes, I have done that in the past. I currently blog for a few folks that use templates. I am aware of that. They, however, are EXPERT texturers and as another blogger long ago wrote, that in itself is a talent.

It is not MY talent and I am well aware of that when I made all my new clothes and shoes and hairs (oh my). I am getting better, but Photoshop and I (I use another program) are not the very best of friends. I am good with colors and patterns and style. I am not good at intricate pixelated goodness made with a drawing tablet.

So where does that leave us? I am not too sure. I don't feel the inclination to go forth and spend a day looking for stuff that you or I would never keep. So I suspect that until a stellar hunt comes along (the Rainbow one was a goodie) I won't be going in that direction. Lucky chairs aren't what they used to be. It seems like the freestyle lifestyle has in part left the building -- if we consider quality. THERE ARE EXCEPTIONS!  For sure. But as an old timer now who can look back, things have indeed changed.

It's not a bad thing. Designers work hard and deserve some lindens for their efforts.

As a designer, I am not planning on joining any hunts in the near future. I can't find one that I am enthused about and while they have -- in the past -- brought in sales revenue, the last few haven't been all that helpful.

So I think, in my "time off" from building I'll be going into explorer mode and hitting the road like I used to do intent on showcasing some fun and photogenic spots.

That seems to be my current plan.

Stay tuned.


I hope you'll drop by the Cyprian Garden, adult but discrete, and very pretty for photography.

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