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Snow and Sun

Bright sun; crisp air. I lived in a climate like this for several years. I loved it -- most of the time.

New out today for My Attic, Carljin hair from MINA HAIR. Color packs are deeply discounted during the event. The knit cap is beautifully textured and there are texture can color choices so be sure and peruse those!

Click for larger photos; I'm still fighting the Blogger jpg resolution delema :D.

Also out for My Attic, new "Baby It's Cold Outside" (this round's theme) poses.

Five in all by PRETENSE.

And if you have a Trompe Loeil house, check out the new snowpacks. There are snow additions for both new AND SEVERAL OLDER and popular models.

You need both warm and sturdy footwear in the snow and these KOSH Collider shoes come in both plain and two-toned version -- and lots of colors.

My favorites are gray and violet but these worked better for the outfit. SO difficult to decide sometimes.

Find these of course at -- SHOETOPIA!

Pants, socks and armband are antiques.


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