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Snow Walkin'

It was Blogger Day over at Shoetopia. I zipped over early this morning to an ethereal build, all white and fantasy-like with clouds setting in the valley -- or maybe there IS no valley and the venue is IN the clouds; just as likely.

As is the norm, there were lots of designers waiting until the last minute, but there was still plenty to see and there ARE some spectacular shoes to be had.

Of my personal favorites in the lazy days category (a place where I often hang out) are these Hugg Boots from Apple Fall -- the first shoe release from the well-loved store. These are gorgeously textured and super comfy. I so want some real life ones like this!   Perfect for the snowy days ahead.

These are the simplistic gray version -- so my style. Other versions are of course available. 

Pose by: LAP (nla)


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