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Mid Century Modern

There have been times -- and I am sure there will be again -- when I wondered what on earth I could show you. Now is NOT one of those times. I have a slew of stuff and at least forty boxes to unpack. The bounty over-floweth. I will do my best to show you as much as I can, but the five posts a day work ethic has left the building. My plate is very full at the moment.

IN THIS POST --- A really cute outfit with wide and straight legged jeans (with cuffs) from Paperbag at the Rockabilly event. By now you should know all about it, but here is the web page and by the time you see this post, it will be OPEN.  I have to say that honestly I cannot remember a venue that sent out SO MUCH stuff to the bloggers. My IMs were capped today and I have been deleting my email messages twice a day there are so many. There are some really fun and stylish items to be had , so if this is your style you definitely want to venture over.

My skin is [.Riel.] Aurora-Rockabilly and while this is not my typical skin, I have to say I really like it. Super striking with bold makeup, the face is very lovely. So if you are a pale skin gal, be sure and check out the demo. 

It is a new month for The Challenge Creators and the theme is a fitting one for the Rockabilly event -- retro and all that jazz. So you will be seeing my house set up in a few more posts.

Featured here are items from .:UR:. , the Reader Living Room Set,with texturing done by Lilly Juno. Now in the past UR has presented full perm mesh objects to the Challenge but the notecard suggests that these textured items are available. They are extremely nice and definitely mid-century so if retro is your thing, I suggest you venture over and check things out.

The house is the Mid Century Modern item from Kuro, In The Woods. For whatever reason, the doors are my favorite part. Who know? We all have our history. Bold colors and clean lines rule here.

Poses by: LAP (nla)


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