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The City Cobbler

Along with all the new releases at Shoetopia there are gifts (we like those) AND gatcha machines.  The gatcha areas are easy to find and you'll want to check them out for sure.

From Cheeky Pea -- the cutest ever cobbler's room set. So much fun and the details are superb. I hate to admit that I remember a lot of these items. Some were antiques in my time, some not.  Great additions for "clutter" in your home. And we all know that those little details make all the difference. The chair is "rare", the other items "common".

Also in this photo, some new limited edition boots from  *League*, the  Lauren Wedge Boots in purple. These come in various rigged sizes as well as a non-rigged version.

My studded jacket is new from Ducknipple. Look for the Wacko Jacket.

Pose by: the chair.


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