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52 Colors - Week 17 Tangerine

We are still on the warm side of the color wheel this week with TANGERINE.  I had a bit of a problem wrapping my head around this "hue"; I mean it is orange, right?  Well in the fruit world there is a difference between an orange and a tangerine and in a color palette there is too.  Tangerine IS orange of course but it is a bit lighter in tone and not as saturated as -- let's call it Halloween Orange, the actual orange on the color wheel.  So it is moving towards what some of us would consider PEACH.

Hmmmmmm.   I am not feeling too secure about this color being in my closet or even finding it out in the shops, but we will see.


Sometimes things just fall into place when we aren't even trying.  First I found shoes (named tangerine no less) then a cute bodysuit of just the right orangeness, then a hair with a peach scarf and finally some bracelets with texture change colors including our color of the week.   

Along they way I came across some items I had forgotten about -- in orange.  Now we don't actually have "orange" in the list (oddly), but we do have a bright NEON CARROT appearing somewhere down the road.  So make note of possible attire when we return to our secondary warm color. 

This is the official path to the challenge.


Have Unequal [HU] Cody Body_Orange&Red
Baiastice_Sharay Sandals-Tangerine
KUNGLERS - Gigi bracelet

Hair: MINA Hair - Jacky - Natural

Poses by:


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