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On the Road

It's getting to be Spring for many of us. Time to get outside and enjoy the beauties of nature. So pack your bag, grab your shades and get ready to ride. 

Over at The Outlet you can pick up a pair of scooters (one with decals and gear - the other plain) for 70 percent off.   My main reason for buying this well-aged vehicle was the outstanding LODs.  Both bike and gear hold their shape from way way far away.    At 6 land impact  for the plain version, it is a decorating bargain.  The triangles are reasonable, the textures (even on the plain model) are high so be sure and check to see the numbers before buying.   A red version is also available ad the Death Row Designs booth. 

I am loving these fun glasses from Deep Static.  So happy and festive -- all good!   Yumi features both plains and gradient textures in the hud.   Find them at MIIX

Pose by: Chic buildings


Bannod said…
Are these driveable?
Chic Aeon said…
Yes, but I think in a very basic way. It says "ride" and I hopped on and there was an OLD adjustment method to shift the avatar if needed like /a1 or something (forgot how that went) so nothing fancy. I didn't buy it for that so didn't pay much attention :D
Chic Aeon said…
Just went and tested and yes it drives and very well actually. Just arrow keys and no gears but very smoothly.

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