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Weekend Shopping - Wrong Number

A great weekend for shopping -- at least for me.    Lots of goodness on the sales front.  

From ~[LeiMotiv]  the Ivett Outfit.  You can get a demo via a right click and "menu" choice. This is getting more common and I like it. Less clutter on the walls.    A big hud lets you change colors for the cropped hoodie, shorts, and netting-trim areas.  The netting can disappear if you so choose. Most popular body fits are covered.

This TROPIX //  Street door step BackDrop 02 is one of six choices, all in the same theme. At 33 land impact it packs a lot of detail into a small space.  

So many great Home and Garden items to pick from this weekend!   Here are a few to consider.  Don't forget to check the LODs (cam back a bit or walk away and then look back) as some very nicely made items break up quickly. 


From Pitaya, the  magic practice skybox which I plan to use as a photo backdrop. There is a demo that you can find using area search (about 55 meters away I think?). This landmark is to the vendor.  

From the Mirage Treasure Co. this very nice Gothic bed (again you can find a demo to look at via area search). Tables and candlesticks shown in the photo are apparently not in this pack, just the bed.  I didn't have any use for this but if you were using the skybox above for living, this would be an appropriate addition.  

The @home :beanbag PG [tricolour] v2 comes in three colors AND can be tinted. 2 land impact and very good LODs.  If you turn around from this vendor you will find a wall of gifts with one of them another version of the beanbag chair. With very nice animations this is a winner for sure. Other patterns are available for purchase at the store. 

I love this industrial - vintage - steamy foosball table and lamp from Muniick!  

The EVHAH Duna Lounge Set is impressive. The couch is a bit heavy triangle wise but fit within my constraints. The lamps are TOGETHER so must be used together and cannot be made into singles. The rug is great with many nice textures to choose from.   

Now --- the ad lead me to believe that the lounger was texture change and this version is NOT the version that was on display. Also there are no scripts in the lounger so it can't be missing a hud.   I wrote to the store owner asking about this and hopefully they will get back to me.   The seat IS MOD so it can be tinted and I can do that for my purposes, so not unhappy really, just confused.   Just be aware of possible issues. 

UPDATE: Courtesy of a helpful forum reader (I posted a question earlier):

Pose by: PRETENSE and the Amacci neck pose hud  and the beanbag


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