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The weekend brings us two super cute little Spring and Summer dresses -- both with possible fits for eBody Free.   I say "possible" because it depends a bit on how willing you are to adjust your shape. Some of you remember those standard sizing days; well this is similar.  I am still scouring the grid for both free and payment required attire for Moonlight. I have a great post coming up for you on that soon, but for the most part, my search has been fairly bleak. Stores that used to create and carry eBody Classic (curvy is easier to find) seemed to have taken items down. I will be looking further afeild soon.    

During all those fitting sessions it became obvious that Moonlight's "love handles" and belly were the tricky part for fitting. Changing those down towards zero opened up a lot of new possibilities -- including these gifts from Energy Weekend. 

You need to join the group to get the gifts and there are of course things on sale too. All good.  You can go inworld and pick up a notecard or you can simply and easily peruse the gallery.  There are fourteen gifts out this week with various looks.   

My denim outfit is from NuNa LuNa

Moonlight's is from Patty C. K Fashion

There are of course many popular body fits besides eBody Free :D.

Poses by:BellePoses


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