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A Pirate's Life

The Steam Hunt has been going on almost as long as I have. Nostalgia rules the adventuring and there are many gifts with pre-mesh themes. Those of us in our newest mesh bodies and complex mesh attire most likely forget that there is a whole world out there where time has stopped.  

Over on the forums Marianne let folks know that ContraptioN, a long time maker of exquisite Steampunk attire, accessories and oddities had a stellar prize in this year's hunt hunt, one themed with pirates in mind.   Of course I wanted to see!   

It was not easy finding this jacket combo, but it was certainly worth the effort. There are at least five gears in the shop; all but one contains a plate with a peanut on it --- a lovingly rendered peanut, but still a peanut :D.   So -- before giving up your quest --  make sure you have the outfit and not just a peanut. There are a variety of fits for both men and women with Maitreya fitting eBody FREE and most likely many alternative bodies. 

From Contraption, I continued on a bit and found some other nice gifts.  You can see the complete listing of shops and some prize previews here.    The hunt ends on the 28th so be speedy. 

Bricolage Pirate Chest, medium (3 no-mod sizes)
Little Pirate Boat  run aground ORANGE. 14 Li by  Haveit Neox (also comes in blue version)

Mowie. - "Zarina" Legging
lassitude & ennui Battleworn boots


Pose by: BellePoses and  Diesel Works


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