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Lilly to Magnolia

While I am very impressed with the Hillside House by DaD that I showed you the other day, it is apparently "not me".   I struggled with it a bit, then found a couple of new release furniture pieces I loved (more on that tomorrow) and in the end decide to move to a smaller plot which gives me many choices of SMALL houses.   The large plots at Gooseberry are more for folks that love McMansions, and that just isn't me. 

There is a new area that just opened and I chose a corner plot with water on two sides.  The landscaping  for the sim isn't in yet so I am looking forward to more plants around the house, but as you can see, the house itself is very much a gardener's home -- and that I am.   So I think I will enjoy this place very much.

Meanwhile I don't want to leave the Hillside house without giving you some inside photos. These aren't finished stylings by any means but some big furniture is in so you can get a better idea of space than from just empty rooms.   So here is a quick peek. 

Kitchen and dining area open to the large walk through patio that leads to the deck and in my case ocean.

Large living room (the same size as the kitchen and dining area and just across the breezeway).   Fireplace is from Newchurch and not part of the house. 

This is what I suspect is supposed to be the bath area as the granite pad is part of the house. It is directly over the breezeway with two rooms on each side, one larger than the other. This portion of the house is reached by walking up outside stairs and around the deck to slider windows (not all that obvious :D). 

So that is a brief tour. Hopefully it was helpful. 

Edit:  I found no physics problems on the DaD house. The Retreat by hisa has some. Painful :D.   


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