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LYBRA Hunting

LYBRA is one of the hunt participants at The Free Dove this month.  Five items are at The Free Dove and five at the main store. A hunt key is posted near the landing point and this is "LYBRA & FREE DOVE HUNT #8", a lovely little dress named Maria.   I so like this color, a perfect choice for a Spring day.  The detailing is lovely!

The hunt is a bit tricky as the paper lunch bags that you are searching for have HORRID LODs which I guess may have been planned; let's hope so.  Hence you need to be almost on top of a bag in order to find it. So don't bother with camming.   But a bit of effort is definitely worth it, as this prize is a beauty.  

KUNGLERS - Aimee earrings

Hair: .:EMO-tions:. * SANA *  

Pose by: Eternal Dream


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