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Two impressive new releases come together in this eclectic styling.   

From No.59  at Equal 10, the Samovar in both copper and silver. Dainty stacked cups are included for deco. Drinks can be dispensed by experience or given as a temporary attachment. 

From Zerkalo at Kustom9 comes this fantastic Boho daybed, the Calcutta Sofa. Two texture huds let you change both sofa and pillows. PG and A versions are available.   

Neither of these lovely creations would work in my new modern home, but I could see them already in a house called "Retreat". It was waiting patiently for me in the house rezzer and after I had  my fun with sleek and modern, spacious and open I was ready with something with the "Boho Granny" vibe, that antique but well-cared for clutter that comes with many decades of living an adventurous life. 

And here, I already had my start!   


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