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Furniture Bargains

Tis the weekend and that means some furniture bargains to peruse and goodness to purchase. Two well-made bits of nostalgia are now ensconced in my Boho Granny house which  is coming along nicely.  I am definitely channeling my grandmother :D. 

First up from Zerkalo a New Orleans Piano Bar which I turned into a bookcase catch-all -- and yes there will no doubt be more clutter, simply because there WAS more clutter in my grandmother's house.  Good LODs and 125K (this size) or so triangle count make this an impressive piece of large d├ęcor. Three woods are available by hud. 

Next up a "Butcher's Block" kitchen island from Galland Homes. The cabinet front opens and is just waiting to be filled with fun cooking items. This is available in cream and a mossy green.  The land impact is 5 because it is made up of 9 individual pieces (sigh) but the triangle count is VERY VERY low, so well-made but I would have rather had it at a lower cost.  It can be lined to an item that is high download and low system cost to save on land impact as needed. 


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