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House Number 8

House Number 8  in the Home and Garden Expo Decorating Competition is coming along nicely.  With twenty-four land impact points left to spend, I am taking the day off. Nine hours in with only little touches left on the todo list, it will be a good time to step away -- returning with a fresh eye tomorrow.   

This reBourne  Casa Blanca is impressive without a doubt, filling the whole plot with earth-friendly charm.  While others will be landscaping, my needs were minimal and quickly taken care of in the first few minutes of yesterday's early morn.    The focus of the home is the open patio  area which happily at the Expo is the entry to the house.  Rocky ground is featured in the actual product but as I said, the home itself barely squeezes into the large contest plots.  

I have lived in climates where these types of indoor-outdoor houses are popular.  My abodes were not this grand of course, but I visited many mini-palaces during my time in Barbados and Mexico.  Living with nature is much more common in those countries where warmth is the rule.   Casa Blanca was both my first and second choice of houses on the sign up list, so it was obvious which one I was hoping for. 

Most of the contestants have begun now. Some are well into the process and others have an "I am really here" item rezzed on their plots.   With plenty of time for thinking and rethinking, counting up land impact points (we have 400) and perhaps delving into some linking magic, there is no real rush. The homes will be open to the public from the 13th to the 17th.   


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