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52 Colors - Week 20 Classic Blue

Strike up the band and dust off the trumpets -- this week's color is BLUE.

Hard to believe and it is finally here.  Now I have been looking forward to blue, thinking that I "must" have an abundance of this primary color (red, blue and yellow are the primaries), but - but - but that was NOT true. Indeed I had "powder blue and teal blue and navy blue and denim blue but no just plain "classic blue".  I did come very close though with a slightly darker version of true blue -- really closer than my dusky early evening sky suggests.  So with that one piece shorts suit in hand I went from there.  

Not by design -- at least not mine -- all pieces come from Baiastice:

Baiastice_Kirsten Suit-Blue
Baiastice_Klum Bag-Black-Shoulder with pose
Baiastice_Ranya Jewerly-Blue-necklace


This is the official path to the challenge.

Poses by: aDORKable


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