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March 25th - Free Catwa HD Pro Head

Thursday morning note:   

Well as expected (by many of us on the forums anyway) this was a mess. The Marketplace couldn't handle the traffic and much like the release of new Belli houses things crashed.  Some merchants were livid and fist waving while others of us just assumed people would still buy  -- just later.

And they did buy again when the Lindens woke up and appear to have turned off the gift head page (now defers to the main Marketplace page, not the gift listing).  

Catwa group says that they are setting up inworld places now and will have landmarks soon, so join the free group if you want to be informed.  

Original post below: 

From the first stroke of a new day until the bell rings at Midnight the HD Pro Queen head will be on sale for 1 linden on the Marketplace. I hope the Lindens know and get prepared :D.    

This is a demo of the Queen head (missing pixels and all which I think is an excellent way to demo a head) on Moonlight with the exact same shape she was using on the Genus Strong head. The only thing I have done was turn on BOM and turn  the oh so shiny materials off.   She looks great I think.   

Skell Dagger has a clear and detailed tutorial on how to set up your head HERE.   

The skin shown here is the 7DS skin from The Free Dove.


It took a day and a half (the offer was extended one day) for Moonlight to get the head. This with six sims open; something for creators to think about in the future.  It is a lovely head and looks great on Moonlight. The method of gathering was very stressful though with some folks trying for two days with no rewards. 

There is a noticeable neck seam but this is due to the eBody Free body that hasn't been updated to the new neck standard, not the head's fault. 



Unknown said…
"I hope the Lindens know and get prepared"
Well, I guess they are not... 504 Gateway Time-out

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