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Aeon at Engine Room

I am not sure I have ever been immortalized in an outfit before, but this is certainly a beauty to share a name with.  Lots of colors as always, I chose "espresso" for most of the pieces of this outfit.  I love the wings! And the boots! And the ruffles - oh my!  

There is also a choker with rose trim, but my neck is apparently too short (smiling).  Still, I get gold stars for getting almost all the complete outfit on. Doesn't always happen!   

You can opt for hot pants, but then you lose the ruffles :D.   Look for the deviousMind booth of course!

Available via gacha at The Engine Room.  

Be sure and pick up the gift at the Gabriel booth while you are there.   

Photos taken at Babbage Canals. 

It was great to catch up with Chandra.  We have always kinda been Steampunk gals, even long long ago. Here is our adventure in Winterfell with my new (very high tech for the time) hot air balloon.  2010 - we looked damn good!

Hair:  Stealthic - Clarity

Pose by: Nigotine [nla]


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