Thanks to a post from FreeStyle (I'm just guessing here :D), it was busy at PASH this evening. And why not? Cute housewares and trees for almost free. It is sad to see a store close. We lose too many of them lately. But it is appreciated when the designers share their creativity with those of us left behind :D.

The modernistic skyboxes come in light colors in teal or warmer tones. You can purchase furnished or unfurnished. The furniture pack is also available as a stand alone set. Each is a buck. Pretty hard to beat that.

The furniture is a bit oversized for my tast, but the textures and the pose menus are very nicely done. Since things are mod, you might be able to shrink the furniture down a bit. I haven't tried. The empty skyboxes are 33 prims. Fully furnished version still work on a 512 lot with some prims to spare.

The skyboxes come in this light color which I preferred as well as a walnut. There are also some great pillows with poses for $1.

I purchased several skyboxes, some winter trees and a pillow. Even when you have been busy Spring cleaning those inventory folders, it is difficult to pass up such a great deal.

So if any of this looks inviting head on over to PASH and pick up your favorites.

Style notes: see previous post.