It's about the house. It's about the poses. It's about the clothes.

Or maybe it's really about the light.

NOTsoBAD has a great skybox in it's subscribo. I set it up high in the sandbox sky late last night and had a super time taking these photos. At around 45 prims it is workable for plenty of folks. As a studio? It is a dream. I didn't measure it last eve. The clock was moving toward the witching hour and I was fading, but I think it is bigger than a 512 lot would hold -- on the ground at least. I am guessing that you could cheat by putting the deck outside your property lines if you neighbors didn't mind. Edit: I just measured on the sandbox and it will fit on a 512 with plenty of space to spare. That just shows you how roomy it feels even though it isn't *wink*. A nice surprise.

I was very impressed with the NOTsoBAD shop. Even the outside environment beckoned me to get my camera out. Inside it was so very classy. Smallish but very well taken photos of some gorgeous houses lined the walls. A teleport pad was connected to each one for viewing. I didn't have time to look at them yesterday, but I definitely will. They were some of the nicest houses I have seen.

The free skybox comes packed in the cardboard boxes I am sitting on. Am I keeping them for a prop? You betcha! They are great and I may have a perfect place for them some day.

The faux rezzer is even more unusual and impressive; it is a full sized delivery truck that apparently works. The house appears around it and the truck "just" fits on the deck outside. I jumped in the front seat as a right clicked asked me to "Ride". The truck started bouncing, trying to get off of the deck. I didn't attempt driving it as I am so bad at virtual stearing, but again -- a great prop. There is advertising on the sides of the truck and on the roof of the skybox. That doesn't bother me a bit, but just so you know.

The light is incredible. I played with Windlight settings and so the colors shown here may not be the colors you see on YOUR screen. The only downside to this build is that the windows are complex sculpties. They are gorgeous windows; they just take some time to rez. Such are the tradeoffs.

The poses you see are all from ::WetCat:: (main sore link but also at Pose Fair 2010). I haven't opened all the review items from Rie Silverfall, but these modeling poses came as poses and well as in poseballs. That was very nice and saved me some time and effort which I appreciate.

My outfit includes some newness as well as some old favorites and even a couple of really old items that are no longer available. My top and bracelet came from two different shops in the MALT - JUICY et al egg hunt. The top is actually a very short dress from Insatiable Fashions. My bracelet is from !*Phoebe (main store).  If you want to do the many sim hunt, there are signboards all over MALT  sim telling you how it works. Basically you find a big brightly striped egg, touch it to get a landmark and egg to wear. Go to the store using the landmark and touch the BASKET of eggs and get your prize. I spent quite awhile there and didn't find too many, but I simply may not have been in the zone :D.

My other newness in the outfit is from the JASPER Subscribo. The unisex shorts were this week's gift. Sign up at the store to get next week's :D. Everything from clothes to eyes to skin, this is a fun store with an young urban quality.

Style notes:

Hair: Amacci Hair Morgan ~Warm Red
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 5/bl) 01a;  Legend Tattoo2 (NLA)
Clothing: [ JASPER ]  Mixed Roll-leg Shorts /group gift; [IF] Dress [Alexandra II] {Marigold}; *+*JILL*+*stocking-FN-Black
Shoes: ::Duh!:: (W) Sneaker Boots Tarnished Gold
Accessories: Phoebe Linked Hearts Bangle; KOSH- PATCHOULY BELT