Midnight Shadows

How many shades of black can there be?
Where does darkness end and light begin?
Only at midnight do we wonder.

Hyper Culture has just released a new dress called Lolita as part of their Couture Collection. As my shutter snapped away in the damp evening light I found myself watching. Watching the shadows, watching the gentle breeze in the trees, watching myself. I'm not exactly sure what mesmerized me this evening, but the dress played a part. I thought long and hard about why I so liked this design and found that I really had no answer. I could brood about it and wonder until morning, but, the particulars don't really matter. I just really like it.

It is a little bit retro and a lot of sophistication. The collar is ruffled and tall, the dress iteself a mixture of subtle patterns and shades. Tones of brown meld into black and gray jacquard, jacquard meets plaid, plaid meets the darkest of laces. It is a subtle and mysterious dance with each player preforming an important role.

I had the perfect gloves to go with the dress and they were still parked in my newness folder even though I have had them for awhile. They are from Paris Metro and part of  a "Box of Six Gloves for Fun" that I believe came in from DSN.  However they arrived, they are indeed fun, with each set very different from the last.

My sleek hair which boasts a braid wrapped bun in back hales from Calla and my earrings are from Gems & Kisses, a jewelry fair gift from last year.

I am not exactly sure what decade I am from in these photos. Perhaps the past, perhaps the future. But wherever I belong in space and time, I am definitely dressed in style.

Style notes:

Hair: Calla Cherry-Tree Brunettes (review copy)
Skin: []::Tuli::[] Eva (tone 5/br) 10a; Amacci ~ Eyelashes "Belle" - Black (review copy)
Clothing: Hyper Culture - Couture Collection - Lolita (review copy); Paris Metro: Sheer - Gloves
Shoes: Orange Creations #OC# Melanie- Satin Silver (review copy)
Accessories: Gems & Kisses - Gems - Black -

Poses by BehaviorBody's Gown Poses set. (review copy)