Feed for the Guys

A couple of my guy friends were in world this morning so I thought it would be fun to get together and take some shots. Since I need an excuse to post these *wink*, here it is:

There is going to be a Feed for the Guys.

Yesterday I received this notecard. In case you didn't, here's the scoop:

Dear Designers/ bloggers!

We have news for you!

We made a male feed!!

It is MensGuideSL.com! It is in test yet, and we want to invite you all to come and apply your blog to be syndicated!

It will be a honor to have you in our blogroll too!

There is no cost to join and the only thing we ask is once you are syndicated, please add our site link to your blog.


We are waiting for your visit!


Samara Pennell and Eros Fenutzini

It is always good to get a little male energy in this blog. I don't do it often enough. The NEWNESS the guys are wearing follows.

Style notes:

Left: SSH -After Hours pinstriped dress pants and shirt from MHO hunt.
Right: Tres Beau "V" Black Sweater (two versions one on top of another) MHO hunt.

The guys are using LAP AOs. My pose comes with the camera from PhotoGraphique.

My outfit style notes are in the previous post.