A Little Romance

Many of us would like a little romance in our lives -- virtual or that other virtual we call real life. It can take shape in a candlelight dinner, a roaring fire, a gentle touch or even an adventure by ourselves with the help of some fantasy attire.

I spent some time last week looking at clothing in the beyond streetwear category. Along the way, I picked up this lovely dress from Simply Fae. Since the folder announces it as a Lucky Chair prize, I am going with that story. Honestly, I don't remember winning it; it was a busy day and I gathered a lot of goodies, this being one of the nicest. The dress comes with two sleeve lengths; a longer version is included.

Click any photo for a high rez version.
You may need to enlarge further for the 1400 pixel collage.

Behavior Body (at Baiastice) just released a set of 36 poses made for gowns with hands above the waist and not in your skirt (a very good thing). We all know by now that many poses don't work for every avatar, or a least there is a possibility that a pose will not fit because of the slider settings that have been chosen when making your shape. So as always, try out the poses to be sure they will work for you. Many of these are very nice and exceptionally well suited for the gowns they are intended. Shown here are some of my favorites.

There have been a lot of great skin releases in the recent past, and I just received a new pack from Tuli which I haven't opened yet. Since a group gift just went out to over 7,000 or so folks, I am guessing I will seen the skin on the feeds before I get to open mine *wink*. THIS skin is from Belleza and is called Elle. This is not new news as I am sure you have seen this group gift on many, many blogs and websites. What is new -- for me anyway -- is that it fits me much better than previous Belleza skins.

The other bit of interesting info -- again possibly only for me, is that this skin did not look this good on me until I added the newly released Amacci eyelashes. What a difference! And the eyelashes didn't work for me with the Amacci skins, too much drama in the ten new styles for my taste. So, it was interesting to watch my thought process as I  noted how skins, eyelashes, shapes and hair all come together (or not) to make a look. Even the hair I am wearing looked better on me with this skin and lash combo. I think the lashes balanced out the wideness of the style.

I'm sure that many of you pay much more attention to all this than I do. I am often too deeply engrossed in playing with Windlight sliders to notice my face all that much :D.

The necklace with perfectly coordinating colors is the matching design for the earrings that I featured yesterday. Personally I wouldn't wear them together, but separately? I love them.

Style notes:

Skin: -Belleza- Elle BR Med Group Gift; Amacci ~ Eyelashes "Allure" - Black (tintable version included)
Clothing: Simply Fae [Boaz] Daphne Amethyst
Accessories: ::.Flugeln Brise.::AngelEgg_Jade

Poses by Behavior Body (review pack).
Location: Winterfell looking into my new neighbor's yard.