Alternative Fair

The Alternative Fair fundraiser begins Thursday, April 22 and last until May 2, 2010. With a long list of great vendors and a By-ou-ya themed location spanning four sim corners, it's a must see. There is even a crawfish picnic area.

Grim Bros sent out some misquito attachments and swatter to their group the other day as part of the Alt Fair promotion. I am not a big fan of mosquitoes -- even ones not carrying malaria so anything to help protect folks from those buzzing menaces is good by me.

The shirt I am wearing is the male version of the Alt Fair freebie shirts. You can find yours, as well as a white tied version for the gals, in chests scattered around the sims. They are obvious; you won't miss them.

There are plenty of freebies and dollarbies at the fair and donation items are clearly marked. The necklace I am wearing was the first item I picked up. It is from Lolapop! and resizes nicely for us guys. After 30 minutes the sim finally started rezzing (sorry for the gray areas in the photos here and there). Then I wandered and enjoyed my time in the lowlands. It has been a tough week at Phil's and today seems to be just another problematic day. Hopefully the restarts that are happening yet again will fix something or at least put things BACK which would be an improvement from where we are *wink*.

Here is a list of the shops in fair:

At Pulse (I'll add the SLURLs when the official opening time is upon us)

IrEn - Tic Toc - The Stringer Mausoleum - Moloko - Sassy Kitty - Roxxstar - Emo-Tions - U-Neek - Black Canary - Ironik Kitties - Weather! or not? - Schadenfreude - Mango, Mango! - Retox - Wretched Dollies - Pepper Spray

At Snatch City

Sn@tch - Gauze - Frick  - GothiC0 - [][]Trap[][]  - Blue Blood - Studio Sidhe - Show me on the Doll - Nighshade Designs - A-Bomb - Ducknipple - Glitter Trash - Draconic Kiss

At Nomine

Nomine - Grim Bros - Silent Sparrow - WoE - DV8 - Tainted Desires - Burning Chrome - Heartsick - Material Squirrel Wings - Cobrahive - *Dreams* - Forsaken - Arsenic Lace - Little Boy Blue - Lolapop - Curious Kitties

 At New Kadath

Crimson & Clover - NebuchadNezzar - Miu - Acid & Mala - Horribaubles - Flipside Piercing - Black Arts - SLGoth Magazine

Style notes:

Hair: Bryce ~ Saul - Coffees - Espresso
Skin: -Belleza- Thomas V2 Deep Tan Release Group gift
Clothing: WoE GRJ-2b BLACK Wide Leg Low Rise Jeans; Alternative Fair 2010 Tee (Male-J)
Shoes: ::Duh!:: Men's Black Buckled Boot (new release - gift)
Accessories: Lolapop! Die like an Egyptian Necklace (free)

Poses by LAP and the Grim Bros swatter.