A New Era

Meet Chav.

Is he hot or WHAT!

Please don't get too excited. "He" is just me :D.  After well over two years I am finally comfortable in another sex. I doubt you'll see me out and about in this mode unless I am on a photo shoot, but for the blog? It will be a good thing.  Here's the short version of the story.

As I reported a bit ago there is a new male feed MensGuideSL.com.  Now that tags have been incorporated (thank you Eros) so that we can filter in the posts we want, I have joined. I couldn't see posting a ton of womenswear on a feed for guys. They would SO be yawning.

There is also a photo contest for Belleza going on. Put the two together and I had the inspiration to actually make a new me in guy style. I was aiming for the slightly dangerous poet;  a little angst -- a little romance. And we now have Chav. I wanted him to be Chad, but that name was taken. You won't see Chav Aeon in SEARCH. The Aeon last name has long left the list of options, and after all Chav isn't an Alt in the real sense of the word. Since I don't have a premium account, I'm guessing a legal alt isn't an option, and waving a big flag on the blog saying, "Look here -- Illegal Alt!" certainly didn't seem like a good idea. Plus, Chic's 30,000 item inventory will no doubt come in handy.

For Chav's first post on the MensGuideSL.com feed, we have a fantastic scarf from Mr. Poet. And it is FREE. I found out about it from the Make Him Over blog when I was perusing the photos for any new MHOH3 items that might be featured. (Thanks Lorenzo!).  Not only is it free and color change with lots of great choices, it works for gals too. The look is slightly oversized for the often more petite sex, but definitely doable.

The Mr. Poet shop is small and perhaps new. There are some very stylish things displayed well and artfully for your shopping pleasure. There are even a couple of skins on the back wall. So look around if you head over to pick up the scarf. I know summer is coming for those of us in the northern climes, but winter will come by again, and this is the nicest scarf of its style I have seen. Staying power is written in its genes.

Style notes:

Hair with Hat: Maitreya : LE.LOOK! la femme - Hair/ Hat - Coffee
Skin: -Belleza- Thomas V2 Deep Tan Release Group gift
Clothing: RFyre Rosewood Womens Black Turtleneck
Accessories: [Gos] Custom Eyeware v3.3 - INTUITION; ::[ Mr.Poet ]::Wide Scarf

Pose from the Dante set by Diesel Works.

  1. gravatar

    # by Eros Fenutzini - April 19, 2010 at 2:11 PM

    Thank you so much for the support! You rock Chic!!!!!

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    # by Samra Pennell - April 19, 2010 at 2:12 PM

    I am very proud of the new feed Mensguidesl.com, not because it is our "baby", but we made it for 2 main reasons: 1) it was a dream in Eros heart and 2) because of people like you. Thanks for being part of it! Kiss, Samara Pennell.

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    # by Shelby Rasmuson - April 20, 2010 at 11:50 AM

    I write the occasional male post, how do the filters work?

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    # by Chic Aeon - April 20, 2010 at 1:57 PM

    You just tag (in blogger it is a label) your post with MALE FASHION. You can see that at the top of my post. Only your posts tagged that way go to the Men's Guide SL.

    You of course have to apply to be on that feed too *wink*. Seems to be working well. Chav's post got to the feed and the one following was left out.

    Hope that helps Shelby.