Shui-mo hua

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to live inside a painting? Black and white, ink and paper, washes and brush strokes -- all combine in China. I took a course in Chinese brush painting once. I wasn't very good at it. But others are, and the creativity and vision used in this super-sized half sphere build is impressive.

The absence of color -- we don't think about that often. Color is a part of our world, something we take for granted. Without it the world loses a dimension. Or does it? Perhaps it only lets us see things in different ways, exploring the texture of the the elements that remain.

My complete outfit, including hair is the Just for the Girls Hunt prize from SSH Designs. There are several hunts going on at the store including the Make Him Over 3 hunt. This was by far my personal favorite. The fellows outfit is similar to this but in blue and with a plain open shirt.

This JFTG outfit includes four colors of hair with hat, earrings, necklace that reads "Bitch", bangles and of course the vest and pants. The pants can be worn with boots or with the prim bell bottoms (no mod). I am wearing my BAX boots here but there were transparency issues between the invisiprims and the sim building textures, so no full body shots. They would have been great :D.

There are hints given to you when you arrive at SSH Design. Use them to find the various prizes. 

Poses by Amacci.