Hunt Mania

This is a wall of hunt signs. If you join in the searching now and then, you have probably been to this spot. It was my first trip to this store at its new build.  I derendered signs so that my location wasn't obvious. While this is one of the largest displays of hunt signs I have seen, it is most likely not the only one.

My post here has a few purposes. One, I love the Amacci tattoo that I picked up on a hunt two days ago. I wasn't even looking for hunt items at the store, I was looking at hair. But I saw a sign for the Swedish Egg hunt and it said the egg was within 30 meters of the sign. The sign was in the middle of a courtyard; how tough could that be?

And, it was a breeze. The faded tattoo looks so great with this Elvenbreath mini I featured a couple of days ago. The crisply edged tattoo looks just as good in front with that plunging neckline. So, just in case, this is your look, check out both spots. And I am so glad I found an excuse to show you this again *wink*.

Secondly, I've been trying my luck at the Virtures of Sin hunt with mixed results. I was on a roll this evening, but currently stuck. So it's back to a hit and miss picking of a name from the blog OR going back onto the sinful path and hoping it crosses the virtuous one again. Some stores have two prizes of the same (virtue or sin) theme. Some have one of each? I admit I am getting muddled. I so wish the website had SLURLs so that you could continue without all this hassle.

That muddled brain leads me to the actual theme of this post, an overabundance of hunts. I have written about this before -- many months ago, and the trend has only escalated. This morning there was lengthy chatter in  one of the hunt vendor groups. Most of the folks commenting were either cutting back or cutting out hunts for their store. Too many is simply too many and both hunters and vendors are exhausted, confused or both.

That is the feeling in at least one group, and I have to say I agree. I love making hunt gifts and meeting new folks in the groups, but I also don't feel good about contributing to the madness. So I will most likely be taking a break from vendor status for awhile. There are some hunts that I have been very happy to be part of and will most likely return to if they come around as a sequel, but to go looking for hunts to join? I think not.

I am sure there will still be plenty of  searching opportunities without those of us who have decided to watch from the wings. For many, it is the foundation of their marketing stategy.